Have you started saving for retirement?

Have you started saving for retirement? A comfortable retirement depends on the kind of preparation you make. If you are already in a pension plan,you are off to a great start. But do you know your rights as a member of a pension plan and the role of Retirement Benefits Authority?By making the right choices today, there is a fulfilling life after retirement.

Do you envision your retirement as relaxing? Enjoying hobbies and intersts you never had the time or energy to take up while you were working? Without wise planning, you could end up spending your GOLDEN YEARS miserably, with minimum wages, or worse still in an old peoples’ home.

Many people are living in abject poverty. Statistics show that compounding of retirement savings is so powerful that those who start saving for retirement in their 20s can amass a large nest egg with relatively little effort, as long as they invest regularly.

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Welcome to RBA Blog

RBA is mandated to:

  • Regulate and supervise the establishment and management of retirement Benefits schemes.
  • Protect the interest of members and sponsors of retirement Benefits schemes.
  • Promote the development of the retirement Benefits industry.
  • Advise the Minister for Finance on the national policy to be followed with regard to the retirement Benefits industry.
  • Implement all government policies relating thereto
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